My love of fashion continues in all parts of the day. I am constantly looking for style inspiration around me, online, in magazines, etc. My personal style icons include Kate Moss, Nicky Hilton, and Fearne Cotton, just to name a few. They all exude similar fashion sense which include a casual yet fashion forward look while encompassing natural hair and makeup versus the “trying too hard” look. My favorite fashion magazine is Lucky because the featured items are more accessible and reasonably priced than those in say Elle or other high fashion magazines. A couple websites I like are and These sites give great examples of how to create a whole head to toe look. WhoWhatWearDaily is a great site too. A couple of my favorite designers are Chloe and Rebecca Minkoff which are quite different in styles and why they fit my own personal style. I would describe my style as ‘rock meets bohemian’ because I love edgy looks that combine black/gray and leather/grommets, but I also love the effortless look of neutral tones and 70’s inspired pieces such as high-waisted shorts or pants. My suggestion to anyone seeking fashion inspiration is to identify their own resources and outlets to help give examples of inspiration.


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