Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are tricky because they are somewhat unflattering. They’re baggy and a little messy and could potentially make you look frumpy. But on the flip side, boyfriend jeans are super comfortable. Finally! After the tight skinny jeans, there’s now a jean that won’t dig into your belly if you’re having a ‘fat’ day. The bf jean is the summer’s perfect option to make you feel free and not so constricted. These jeans look great with flat sandals and heels, or even converse if you’re feeling really casual. And I must mention how┬áI love cuffed jeans. I would cuff my jeans even if it wasn’t the thing to do. It’s the best way to show off your shoes and show a little ankle. One thing to keep in mind is you must roll the bf jeans… or else they really will look like your boyfriend’s jeans. For the best fit, find a pair that is low rise and doesn’t sag too much in the butt. They should not be tight around your thighs, but rather loose all the way down the leg. When rolled they should hit the bottom or middle of your calf (depending on your height).


Love This Look

I’m loving this look because it’s effortlessly stylish and edgy.

Long-sleeved Mini Dress

I have fashion rules which stem from my own personal taste, but also from morals and values. I believe showing too much skin is a fashion faux pas and just plain trashy. If you are going to show off one asset, cover another. The long-sleeved mini dress is a great way to show a little leg but still covering the arms and chest to balance the look.

High-Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts are quite unattractive on some people. What can I say, they’re a tough trend to pull off. But the people who can, props to you! A simple t-shirt or tank can be transformed to a stylish outfit paired with the right high waisted shorts. I think they say,”I’m fashion forward and I’m not afraid to take a risk.” Done wrong though and they say, “I’m a soccer mom trying to hide my gut.” Here are a couple right ways to do high waisted shorts.

Fashionising’s 2010 Fashion Trends

Now I take fashion trends with a grain of salt. I believe that some trends are just ridiculous and others should be embraced. Some trends are awful at first, but then grow on me after a short while. Check out the spring/summer 2010 trends from Is it bad that I’m excited ripped jeans are back?! And the boyfriend blazer… is here to stay! For now at least.–Spring-2010-Fashion-Trends-Womens-SS-2010-1288.html



I know most people hear ‘clogs’ and can’t even imagine wearing this trend for the risk of looking like a Swedish clog dancer, but clogs can be done right. Below is a stylish way to wear clogs, as well as a pair of clogs done right with a peep toe, strap with a buckle, and snake skin leather (Joie $335).